Django Unchained [starring Jamie Foxx +Leo DiCaprio]: Racist or Groundbreaking?

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Earlier this week the trailer for controversial director Quentin Tarantino’s new film ‘Django Unchained’ was released and greeted with various responses. The film, which is centered around a slave that is freed and goes across the country with a bounty hunter to search for his wife. The role of Django, played by Jamie Foxx, stirred controversy for the film because before he chose it Will Smith, Chris Brown, Idris Elba, Cuba Gooding, Jr. and more were rumored to have turned down the part. Some feel that Tarantino is racist and wonder if the film will be an attempt to get away with blatant racism in a socially acceptable manner. I think that Tarantino’s an amazing filmmaker, so I definitely plan on seeing it. But what do you think? If you haven’t seen the trailer, watch below and vote in the poll/leave a comment!


32 thoughts on “Django Unchained [starring Jamie Foxx +Leo DiCaprio]: Racist or Groundbreaking?

  1. Considering that Quentin Tarantino likes to throw the N word around….I get bad vibes about this film. Tarantino + Slavery =Disaster

    • I may watch it if someone gives me the I’m just not big on slave epics produced and written by white folks. I don’t mind if it’s a story about a slave revolt like the Nat Turner story. Now I would watch that. But Hollyweird never seems to make films that empower black people. There always has to be a white buddy helping black people try to get justice. We can never seem to do it on our own. We need to have our own studios and production companies. So we don’t have to answer to them anymore.

      • Haha! You’re such a racist hypocrite! You bitch and moan about “White supremacy” on your profile yet promote black supremacy.

  2. This movie is produced by Zionist Jews not white folk I suggest you do some research about this racist Anti-white movie.

    • Well you’re partly right. I do think the Jews control and own most film and television studios. As well as magazines and cable outlets. They do seem to have a monopoly on the media. But there are quite a few Zionist white helpers in their camp. And even though most of the international bankers are Jewish,they work in conjunction with the Pope and the Royal Family in the UK. And they’re not Jewish to my knowledge. And they get help from the Canada and France that are not Jewish nations.
      And for the most part,black people see Jews and whites as all Europeans anyway. The fact is that most blacks,Puerto ricans,Cubans and Mexicans know that their race don’t control the media or the banking system. If you want to argue over who has more power between whites or Jews,be my guest. All know is we’re not responsible for this economic collapse. All you have to do is follow the paper trail and you’ll get your answer.
      Black supremacy??lol Not quite. I believe people should be proud of their culture and heritage. Whether they’re Italian,Swedish,Canadian,Korean or Japanese. There’s nothing racist about a person having pride in their people. I want to see black empowerment for my people. I want to see economic and job growth for black people. That hardly makes me a racist. I believe in self preservation. I think this system we have now is racist,imperialistic and corrupt from top to bottom. I think we need to replace this Jewish/White supremacy system with a system of justice.

      • Chills reading this. Chills, my friend. I am so glad people as knowledgeable as you view my blog and find the content interesting enough to leave comments and have an intelligent debate about it! I def followed you back, please don’t be a stranger to my site and keep speaking your mind!!!

      • I can’t believe you mentioned “The Royal Family” You mean the controlled family? Just like Barack Obama you actually think he has power? They’re a joke along with the of these so called world leaders. I suggest you look up Barbara Lerner a Zionist Jew here’s a video of her talking about cleansing Europe with multiculturalism by that I mean massive immigration where as Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, French, and many more people’s ethnic group’s are almost non existent same with language’s. Here’s the video but yet in Israel they deported over 55,000 Sudanese people for not being Jewish fucking hypocrite’s.

      • Wow isn’t it time that we stopped judging people on both sides because of their skin. We’ve all made mistakes, its time to stop torturing our children with our idiosyncrasies.

      • Thanks sis. I appreciate the kind words. I’m glad you liked the post. I’m the kind of guy that doesn’t bite my tongue. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind. Bigots shouldn’t go unchallenged.

      • Why do I feel it’s Anti-white? This movie was created by the Weinstein brothers two Jewish Zionist. Don’t believe me just research them and check out the movie’s they have made. This movie is about a black man who suffers unspeakably from white people he’s portrayed as cool, brave, a hero, a true role model for young black male’s yet he say’s “Kill white people and they pay you for it, what’s not to like?” Now if you can’t see the violent racism just turn it around and imagine a movie about a white man who’s wife and kid’s are murdered by black home invader’s the guy is portrayed as a sympathetic, brave, cool, hero kind of role model for young white’s and quote’s “Kill black people and get paid for it, what’s not to like?” And this is the hero? But you know this isn’t even close to how Anti-white other movie’s are for example (The woodsman) fucking terrible racist movie.

  3. Yes I know that Obama is nothing but a figurehead. Give me some credit.I know he’s just a puppet. Just like every President before him. I’ve heard of Barbara Lerner,although I never seen that video before. I guess the Zionist are on their job. Looks like we got our work cut out for us. I think they like to cause racial tension between groups on purpose. They are master manipulators. You have to really be aware to catch all the things they throw at you on the media. I think too many Americans are asleep and don’t have a clue as to what’s going on. The SOPA Bill,Patriot Act and the NDAA Bill are all ways to slowly take all our rights away. But most Americans are too busy watching sports,reality shows and silly sitcoms to realize what’s right in front of them. They better wake up soon—-before it’s too late.

    • I agree! But sadly that’s only going to happen in our dream’s.Everybody in this country just want’s to be a celebrity,musician, or a famous athlete.Anyways, I’m pretty sure you already know this but I think the Zionist have already chosen who they want as President “Mitt Romney”. There are many reason’s why they would choose this moron he love’s war he wants to go to war with Iran Israel’s biggest nightmare.He said once he takes office we will go to war with Iran.If we do end up fighting them get ready for another draft. I’m not sure if you’re male but if this retard get’s elected I suggest you to move to Canada or South America or someplace that’s not Europe or America because I know Euro’s will get involved. I’m just saying I know it cost money but if we get another clueless moron like Busch thousand’s of American’s will be dying for Israel not saying they don’t already.But I think they have another 9/11 up there sleeve they know American’s are easy when it come’s to shit like that.

      • I can’t stand Mitt Romney. He’s nothing but a tool. I really don’t think it matters if it’s Romney or Obama. Their agenda is already in place. The candidates are just used to see how many Americans still believe in the political process. Yes,I’m a guy but I’m well over 30 years of age. They wont be calling me anytime soon to fight any Although I do think this country is headed that way. I think things may get heated with Iran real soon. I think things will get real ugly in this country as well. The media loves to hype things up between races and cause division. Also a war is a always a great way to divide the country up even more. I don’t think a war with a Iran will unite this country. People are losing their homes,unemployment is through the as well. College graduates can’t even find jobs.People are really struggling right now. A war is the last thing we need right now.
        I believe that America is Israel’s bitch. America always comes to the aid of Israel. That will probably be the downfall of this country. 9/11 was a horrible tragedy. So many people killed,and for what?? Well at least they got Bin Laden right?lol That’s a another story in itself. I do think they have something planned. It’s been 11 years since 9/11,so I think something’s coming up. Be prepared for anything.I don’t trust these devils. I don’t know if you’ve heard,but all over the internet there’s been talk of something going down at the Olympics. There’s a few videos on Youtube that peaked my interest. Here’s one I found very interesting.

  4. Yall are fuckin awesome. The fact that yall just had a educated heated debate with completely oppsosing opinions but came together on a common problem and respected each other’s opinions is super dope. Exactly the type of people/conversations I was trying to attract on my blog. Yall need to do this on like every

  5. Kushite how about all of us getting together as Americans instead of using a skin tone. The use of a nationality before the word American only tends to separate Americans more. Which is the opposite of what we want.

    • Yes that would be nice in a perfect world. But that’s too simplistic. When you have groups of people who are marginalized and face job and housing discrimination—you’ll never have peace. You small groups of people who control over 80% of the wealth in this country. And those people are not black,Mexican or Puerto rican. Therefore you have people who have a monopoly on the lives of others. It’s too simplistic to say let’s all be colorblind or pretend race doesn’t exist. When you have inequality and injustice you have to speak out against it. Just ignoring wont make it go away. The reality is that black people don’t control the political,economic or educational institutions in this country. So we can’t make racism go away even if we wanted to. The rich Jewish/European elite own and control most of the banks around the world. The fact is that the people who have the will to get rid of racism don’t have the ability to do so. And the people who have the ability to end racism don’t have the will to do so.

  6. I don’t know the secrets of Tarantino’s heart or head. But the content that he’s produced for the past two decades is public. Tarantino happens to utter racial epithets against Black people and writes scripts using epithets against Black people frequently, repetitively, often, and usually. With the financial support of The Weinstein Company, Tarantino has distributed racial epithets and content negative towards Black people around the world while Black directors with limited access have not had the financial means to counterbalance Tarantino’s negative portrayals and distribute them with equal access around the world. Strangely enough, Tarantino does not utter or write racial epithets against Native Americans, Jews, Asians, Italians, Irish, or other racial and ethnic minorities with the same frequency (if ever). I wonder why that is? Also, the portrayal of the female “lead” in Django Unchained that he plans to distribute around the world is sexually explicit and extremely violence. He chose not to portray the female lead in Inglorious Basterds as a repeated victim of sexual violence. He portrayed her as a heroine and driver of action and then distributed that image around the world. Anyone with vocal cords can say a racial epithet and tell stories of sexual violence against Black people. Anyone with access to writing implements can write a script with racial epithets and sexual violence against Black people. Anyone with access to money can distribute racial epithets and sexual violence against Black people (on Christmas Day). However, anyone with eyes and eardrums and a tendency to bypass movies produced by companies and directors with suspicious motives can hold that person accountable.

    • Amazing point! While I do believe his films have also contained racial epithets in a way that discriminates against Asian and some Caucasian American culture as well, he has whenever possible seemingly attacked the Black culture more than others. How do you suggest we hold directors such as him accountable?

      • I do view Tarantino’s movie characterizations specifically of Blacks, exaggerated use of racial epithets specifically against Blacks, and entitled and privileged attitude as an attack on Blacks. Rarely, almost never, does Tarantino level racial epithets against other racial and ethnic minorities in his projects. I view the fact that Tarantino underwrote Kerry Washington’s character of Broomhilda and likely even paid Washington less than her fellow actors (even while crying crocodile tears in her whipping scenes) as a specific attack on Black women. My response as a Black woman is to remove consumer $$$ from Django Unchained and place those $$$ with Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave, a similar project receiving virtually no press, no commentary, no news, and no interest likely due to the fact the source material, director, screenwriter, and lead are of Black descent.

  7. Are you all aware of history? Black slaves were freed by whites. Black slaves were caputred and sold in Africa by, Blacks! Get over your racial epithets. Move forward. The only people supressing the blacks, is blacks. Using color as an excuse for just about everything. Again, history speaks for itself. Move forward and stop expecting ‘black empowerment.’ You don’t want equality, you want supremecy. That will not happen.

    • Don’t whites have supremacy right now??lol Give me a break man! Racism is alive and well. And blacks are oppressed by whites/Jews. Anyone with eyes can see that. Quit denying reality. You just make yourself look stupid. By the way,African had tribal wars with other tribes. They captured and sold their captives to European slave traders. That’s true. But not ALL slaves were sold by Africans. Many were captured by whites doing their own evil deeds. Don’t try to blame it all on Africans. That’s an old excuse so whites don’t have to feel guilty for the colonization,rape,murder,land theft and slavery they’ve done worldwide. That’s the oldest trick in the book. Try again though.

  8. While I don’t completely agree with Rafiki, I do believe that some folks exaggerate racism. This film is about slavery. To say that Keri Washington’s role is an attack on Black women is silly. These things happened. Black women were kidnapped and sold into sex and slavery. This is a revenge flick!! Rafiki-not all black people want black supremacy. You need to be careful about generalizing the whole black race with the comments of a few ignorant self-loathing victims. Quentin Tarrantino tells the truth. Can’t wait to see this epic revenge flick! And yes, most abolitionists were white. Some of the most violent revolts against slave owners were headed by white abolitionists who were sickened by slavery and wanted to kill those who owned slaves because in their eyes, they were no different than the devil himself.

    • You’re right there were many slave revolts. Although I don’t believe MOST were by white John Brown was probably the most famous revolt by a white man. But there were many slave revolts by black slaves. It’s one of the reasons slavery had to ultimately end at some point. People are not designed to be owned by other people.
      Here’s a very good book on the subject.
      I also am not a big fan of Tarantino. He drops the “N word” way too much in his films. I sense he may be a closet racist who tries to act as though he’s friends with black folks. I’m not buying it. Plus he looks like a damn snake! I don’t trust him one bit! And I wont be supporting this film.

    • The majority of abolitionists were the slaves themselves and free men of color–Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Ida B. Wells, Sojourner Truth–who worked to free themselves and others from bondage. Today, I believe Steve McQueen is the director who tells the truth. 12 Years the Slave is based upon the autobiography of Solomon Northrup, a free man kidnapped into slavery. He became an abolitionist.

    • Thank you Kushite. Many of the former slaves who freed themselves left written accounts of their experiences and tireless work to fight the North American slave system. I feel it is unfortunate that Hollywood ignores these accounts by slaves of their own efforts.

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