Lana Del Rey x National Anthem [Official Video]

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Singer and reknown artist Lana Del Rey takes artistry and creativity up a notch with the release of the National Anthem official video starring A$AP Rocky. I’m a newcomer to her music/personality so you can imagine my shock when I saw A$AP working with an artist like Lana. I was even more shocked when I realized that Rocky was starring as the president, while Lana played the role of Jackie O. Stylistic, revolutionary, and very well-done. Watch below. Worth 7:39 of life to watch: most def.


3 thoughts on “Lana Del Rey x National Anthem [Official Video]

  1. I don’t know what it is about Lana. But every time I see her I always think of a “Low rent Katy Perry”. Mind you I’m no Perry fan

  2., my new friend, are hilarious. I kinda think she’s dope bc it was her idea to have A$AP play JFK in this.

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