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Each Tuesday, I’ll be bringing you all a classic along with a new hit from some of your favorite artists! To kick it off this week is none other than the notable emcee/jetsetter Curren$y.

curren$y - flight

Curren$y has been killin’ the underground scene for quite some time now banging with Cash Money before even Nicki or Drake did, but over the past two years he has risen to be appreciated by the main stream with his mixtape Weekend at Bernie’s and album The Stoned Immaculate. Today he dropped a new joint Choosin’ with one of his favorite artists to collab with Wiz Khalifa. The track also features drive-by-sruvivor Rick Ross. Check out an old freestyle from 2007 and the new heat he blessed us with today below! His next mixtape New Jet City drops on Super Bowl Sunday!

Animal [2007]

Choosin (ft Wiz Khalifa + Rick Ross) [2013]


Frank Ocean and Chris Brown Fight?!

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This is the second time in the last year that a Chris Brown beef has left us surprised but not so surprised. This time it was with critically acclaimed and openly sapiosexual singer/rapper Frank Ocean. If you don’t have a Twitter, the altercation seems random but if you do you’ll remember the famous altercation way back in 2011 in which Chris appeared to attempt to pay Frank Ocean a compliment by calling him a “young James Fauntleroy of Kevin Cossum” [who are two of the Chris’s songwriting/backup vocal team members, respectively] and Ocean responded by calling Brown a “young Sisqo or Ike Turner“. Tyler the Creator and crew also jumped in to defend Frank.
But last night, it appeared to be Chris’s crew that did the jumping. According to Frank’s Twitter page an altercation took place around 10-11 PM Sunday night where he was jumped last night outside Westlake recording studio in LA by Chris Brown and “a couple guys“.


Sources at the scene who have allegiance to Chris say that Ocean started the fight, exacerbating Chris by not allowing him and his team to leave the premises, allegedly saying “This is my studio; this is my parking lot.” Then, reportedly, Chris went to shake his hand and as he did, one of Frank’s people attacked Chris.

Although only those at the scene know the real truth, I personally do not believe this is it. It seems pretty fishy that a man with a reputation of kindness and wisdom like Frank wouldn’t be the one trying to provoke a known serial beefer/fighter/all-around “Hulk”-type dude like Chris Brown. But since the fight involved their teams, maybe this was just a bad case of needing to be careful of the “company you keep.” All this fighting within the music industry needs to stop, but at least it’s ending only in thrown bottles and broken knuckles unlike the rap beefs of the ’90s. What do YOU think? Who was at fault for the fight and who do you think won?

As of Monday evening, according to officers that responded Frank Ocean was treated at the hospital for “minor scratches” and is listed as the victim. Chris Brown may face misdemeanor charges, which will be a violation of the probation he is serving for his 2009 altercation with then-girlfriend Rihanna. He could face assault and battery charges and possible jail time. .

Who started the fight?

The Lonely Island – YOLO (feat. Adam Levine & Kendrick Lamar) #SNL

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2012 was a hell of a year for our supremely talented wordsmith from the silver lining of Compton. However, Kendrick Lamar’s 2013 may be even better for him and we’re glad to see mainstream media embrace him like this. Here’s a hilarious parody of the most overused term of last year: YOLO. Shoutout to one of the coolest white boys Adam Levine for his appearance on the hook. ENJOY – @CEOcypha

Suit and Tie [Lyric Video] x Justin Timberlake

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Suit and Tie official lyric video. Pretty swaggy. What’s also swaggy is the announcement that JT’s next album The 20/20 Experience is set to drop on March 19! This has been the love of my love since 9 years old; I’m stoked. Watch the video above.

Backseat Freestyle x Kendrick Lamar [Official Video]

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Dope visuals from one of our favorite albums of 2012, Good Kid M.a.a.d City. If you haven’t heard the album you’re missing out. Kendrick even ties in the skits (both Sherane and his Dad make an appearance). ENJOY– @CEOcypha

Do To Me x RAiN

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“Do To Me is the first single from the upcoming album/EP S37EN. S37EN is the reflection of seven different personalities/stages that I have gone through and each tell a story. Do To Me is the personality of the Hopeless Romantic. The Hopeless Romantic is the idealist, the sentimental dreamer, the imaginative, and fanciful when you get to know them. Being in love with the thought of love or watching true love unfold before my very eyes always brightened my spirit. And coming down from so much hurt and being inspired by a man who showed me how to love once again brought up so many emotions but I didn’t know how to tell him so putting it in a song was the easiest way…”