TKO Remix x Justin Timberlake ft J Cole, A$AP Rocky & Pusha T: Kendrick Lamar Diss?


I may be late but I stumbled across this and felt a responsibility to post this because it didn’t get all the attention I felt it deserved. Following the second installment of the amazing 20/20 Experience, Justin Timberlake shows us his hiphop roots and collabed with three of 2013 biggest stars for this track. The TKO Remix features J. Cole, A$AP Rocky and Pusha T. And it does not disappoint. To put it simply, Cole’s verse was a TKO in itself. Sheesh.

Dude. Went. In.

While many haven’t responded to Kendrick’s Control verse besides a tweet, Cole dedicates at least a mean 16 to the subject and comes at Kendrick in the most frenemy way possible. [I’m just glad he didn’t ruin the changes of that collab album they’re supposed to be working on}. The last bar is also said to be a shot at another friend of Cole’s, no other than Drizzy Drake himself. [If you listen closely, you’ll hear Cole fake cry at the end of the verse; what many think was a shot at emotionally-open Drake]. The song was also complimented with an above-average verse from Rocky and always stellar performance from King Push. It’s just my opinion that they should’ve reversed the order of the song because Cole definitely made it his World with his verse. I’m just glad to see that the hiphop heavyweights can maintain a friendly rivalry, and that we get to reap the benefits. Check it out below and PLEASE comment to let me know what you thought about it!


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