blunt x Noleac Yahsin [audio]

Soulful, smooth, and satisfying. Those are the top three words that come to mind when I hear this track from Noleac Yahsin. Set off by a Groove Theory “Tell Me”, the songstress prompts her lover to be blunt. The direct ask is the perfect contrast to the smooth and danceable track that could serve as the perfect soundtrack to a sunny summer day.

If I could compare the song to anything, it would be to akin to taking a shot or a hit of sativa. Straight to the point and lyrically poignant but potent with a quality that makes you slow down and enjoy the beauty of the experience.

Take a listen and tell me if you agree.

Blunt x Noelac Yahsin

Be sure to follow Noleac on Soundcloud; there’s more heat there! Tell her I sent you! 😉


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