Restless x Soul10 [Official Music Video]

Looking for a track that you can listen to when you’re feeling on top of the world with your day ones, or when you’re low and need rest, but feeling..restless? Look no further than this smooth track from Cali artist Soul10.

With a melodic hook interlaced with a familiar guitar riff combined with seaside visuals, the track definitely inspires you to dream of driving down PCH with a car full of your favorite people. Although the entire vibe of the song is relaxed and easy-going, the Asian American emcee gets introspective with a majority of the verses, with bars like, “Ignorance is bliss; but now, I’m conscious, b*tch!/ Still, I check up on my vanity/”. The dope bars and memorable hook will have me replaying this for quite some time.

Check out more music from Soul10 here – and tell him I sent you! 😉

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