Fortunate x Ro Akin

You may have seen his face around town at an art exhibit, but Atlanta emcee Ro Akin’s similes may be even more memorable than his silhouette. Formerly a member of the prolific ATL pairing The Few, Ro has been making waves on his own for the past few years in fashion, fatherhood, and of course, music.

Following up last year’s Lowkey Famous, the track fortunate combines three of my favorite things: a smooth sample, rhythmic wordplay, and a Southern summer sound that makes you instantly wanna wash your whip, grab a bottle and proceed to parking lot pimp.

The energy Ro brings to the track both lyrically and sonically allow the track to serve as ambience and an amp up for any time of the day.

Listen to the track above, and catch up on one of Atlanta’s most impressive indie artists.


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