When I’m Geeked x Maui Maxx [Official Video]

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New music from one of New Atlanta’s most outspoken influencer Maui Max. The young emcee has been making some noise on the scene for quite some time qith his introspective bars and philosophical perspective on things both ratchet ans sophisticated. He has also distinguished himself by being extremely open with struggle with depression. I, as well as many others in the industry, commend him for infusing his bars with the realness. The black community has had a problem with masking our mental health issues, but I am so grateful for this generation of artists being a light and creating a dialogue that can save lives. Take a trip with Max above in the visuals for When I’m Geeked.


Not That Girl x Charlie Xile {Official Video}


I love an artist who dares to be different and take the road less traveled. The Windy City’s ownCharlie Xilehas breathed a fresh air of life into me with the new his new single, Not That Girl.

As a prominent and proud member of the LGBT community, bold is one of the many things this multi-faceted artist has had to be. His bars much his instantly intriguing aura as he lets us know that “in Wonderland, [he’s] Alice” and refers to himself as a legendary cunt.” (I’m upset I didn’t coin the term, tbh). His bars are no joke, and speaking of bars, the two men changed by the neck in the video also indicate Mr. Xile shows no mercy to those who cross him. Check out the major symbolism in the video, my favorite of which Charlie wears an American flag around his neck like a noose as he proclaims “you a dumb ho, you get strangled.” Here. For. It.

Check out the official visuals for the song below and def check my site soon as I am sure to follow this entertaining and intelligent emcee as he continues to break all the rules while still keeping us all in line.

Confident x Justin Bieber ft. Chance the Rapper

Justin Bieber Performs Live At The F1 Closing Party

I’ve been keeping up with Bieber’s Music Mondays for the past six weeks, like the true Belieber I am. While I called it a while back that oce JB turned 18, the music would gradually be more R&B and sexual, nothing could really prepare me for this week’s collab. The Biebs decided to team up with none other than Chance the Rapper to bring us Confident, a very groovable track with dope production and an always spectacular verse from Chance. This has really been his year, from Acid Rap debatably being mixtape of the year to touring with Eminem and Kendrick; now this big-time exposure to a demographic that may not have taken notice to him yet. I think this duet is a dope move for all parties involved. Justin is due to drop a digital album on December 16 entitled Journals. Check out the track below and let me know; who do you think this track benefited more; Justin or Chance?

Trinidad Jame$ Sells $30 Chicken at Fly Kix in ATL!


Last night at Fly Kix ATL artist Trinidad James hosted a meet and greet to celebrate the release of his sophomore mixtape 10 Pc. Mild. It was a dope event and Trinidad was a very cool, down-to-earth dude. Lots of artists came out, including Cyhi The Prynce and Chiiirp. The thing I found the most interesting, however, was the $30 boxes of chicken wings. Yes, you heard me right: thirty dollars. Trinidad scored a deal with American Deli, one of his favorite restaurants, to have the Trinidad James special in their stores. [The Trinidad James Special includes 5 pcs. of chicken for $3.99.] However, the chicken was a little more costly at the meet and greet as the boxes, seen in the picture above, could be autographed by Trinidad himself. I suppose if I was a Trinidad James stan I would shell out 30 bucks for authentic all-gold-every-wings. *slaps knee* All in all, I can’t hate. It was an awesome event and interesting marketing concept. Check out the mixtape below and let me know what you think of it!

Trinidad James – 10 Pc. Mild – NoDJ.

Meet Rihanna’s Other Man


It’s been five years since the incident and we are still wondering what occurred to cause Chris Brown to brutally assault then-girlfriend Rihanna. Well, we may be starting to get some answers. According to various sources, Rihanna had a relationship with singer/songwriter Kissk prior and during her relationship with Chris Brown. Ironically, Kissk has written songs for Brown in the past, which could be part of the reason that he was so pissed to find out about their relationship. Honestly, from seeing pictures of the guy I’m surprised he even likes girls but aye, can’t judge a book by it’s cover. Sources day that the two have maintained contact to this day. However, recently, Kissk has come back into the picture and stated that he was going to “make everything known” soon. Maybe this is what’s causing a rift between Breezy and RihRih, since the singer spent his birthday with ex-girlfriend Karrueche. Just like a vengeful, attention-seeking ex to strike at the height of Rihanna’s career. Check back soon for more details. 

Chris Brown featuring Aaliyah?!

chrisbrownaaliyahWell, well,well it seems as if the Breezy vs Drizzy saga continues. In a random but somehow not super surprising turn of events singer Chris Brown has announced that a song on his upcoming album X will feature none other than the late, great and gorgeous  Aaliyah. The song is entitled  They Don’t Know and will feature never-before heard vocals from the late singer. Chris had this to say about the song, which he just shot a vid for in the hood in Compton [guess being besties with the Game buys protection]: 

“”I’ll reveal it now! I just actually shot a video and the song is dedicated to all my fans. Its called, “They Don’t Know” and the song features Aaliyah! Never heard before vocals, all new stuff that has never been heard before, its something special for all my fans. I shot it in the hood, I wanted to bring both worlds together in the video and try to uplift the positive side of the community. I mean I come from Virginia, but everyone come from a broken home or broke, I remember when I was!”

To me, this is just a low blow to the competition. While it was still a shock for Drake to use Aaliyah’s vocals at least he paid homage to her multiple times over his entire career, even saying “she deserve the credit for how I’m about to get it.” I personally can’t remember CB ever mentioning Aaliyah before now, at all; not even an RIP or Happy Birthday tweet: NOTHING. So if it is in fact just ammunition to “kill” the competition, I suggest Breezy uses his album sales to buy some class. It would be pretty much the pettiest thing I’ve ever heard to use her likeness just to fuel a war. But that’s just my opinion. Drake can’t hog all the Aaliyah tributes to himself; maybe Chris was divinely inspired and just trying to show love. What do YOU think? Coincidence or cattiness? Vote below! While the whole song hasn’t hit the net yet, I was able to get my hands on a snippet. Check it out and let me know what you think. 

R&B Singer Monica Pregnant!!

monica preg

I usually don’t like to delve into celebrities’ personal lives but it gives me great pleasure to be one of the first to announce that my favorite female singer Monica is pregnant with her third child! This will be her first child with her husband of three years NBA star Shannon Brown. She has two boys from a previous long-term relationship with rapper Rocko. The couple has mentioned that they’ve been trying for over a year now so I’m very happy for them, despite rumors that they may have split a couple months back. The star revealed the night before Mother’s Day that she is five months pregnant. The sex of the baby has not been announced yet. 

Boosie Finally Free?


What the streets have been calling for has finally happened. According to the Associated Press, Boosie‘s bad azz will be released from Louisiana State Penitentiary on May 29. Boosie allegedly orchestrated the murder of over five people, but he best a first degree murder charge and has been serving an eight year sentence for drug charges.  Well apparently, he’s been behaving well and will be joining the free world this month. How do you feel about the rapper’s release? I’m weary about it seeing as the murder charges had to have some foundation in the truth. But I’d love to know your opinion. Vote below in the poll and comment to let me know what you think.

3H x Translee ft. Marian Mereba [Official Video]

Far Out Ventures<br /> Presents: Glenn Saddler, Translee DNC, and Bias at Smith's Olde<br /> Bar

I have been long awaiting a video to this song since seeing it performed at Spoiled Milk in December. Now Translee has finally given us sights to the song everybody left the event singing. 3Hs [which stands for Hookah, Hoes and Hennessy] features fellow upcoming Atlanta artist Marian Mereba and is a continuation of Translee’s introspective but emotionally driven and contemplative track record. Check out the video below.