Pussy Boy x Mz. Daisy {Official Video} 

The surprising girl power anthem of the summer comes in the form of what would appear to the naked eye to be a diss track. Emcee Mz. Daisy is a literally and metaphorically colorful artist who has been putting in work on the indie Atlanta scene for quite some time. Along with hoping to spread positive vibes and good times to all she encounters, she also holds no stops when it comes to keeping it real. This shows in the video for Pussy Boy. 

     Shot in the Old Fourth Ward, one of the most flourishing creative hubs in the city, Mz. Daisy and her prismatic posse chill out as she puts you on about the type of men she refuses to let in her aura. While the title can sound like a negative track about men, it’s definitely a track that lists all the signs of a fuckboy without slandering the real ones. She confronts topics like ignorance and over-sexualization as turn offs. This was something I could definitely relate to and I think many lady listeners will as well. Check out the rad rainbow visuals below! 


Pull Up x Maui Max {Official Video} 

Maui Max at Artlanta Gallery

New super fye visuals from Maui Max, a charismatic and captivating artist to watch. There aren’t many artists I’ve seen turn up a venue like this guy here. Not only does he have an energetic performance that literally leaves you no choice but to vibe with him, but he also comes equipped lyrically. Every verse has at least 16 shots. 

In the Pull Up video, Maui Max gives yet another high energy performance. During the video, he literally breaks out of a straight jacket and escapes the place that is confining him. The symbolism was dope for me, and for anyone else who is chasing a dream. It definitely goes along with my mantra of breaking free from any and all chains that hold us back, so this will be I frequent on my HYPE playlists and you should do the same. Check out the Pull Up video below!

A Pimp Named Slickback x Suni MF Solomon ft. Clay James, Gadzooks!, &a Messiah Da Rapper 

      Some of my favorite artists on the New Atlanta scene have united to bring us some real OG shit on this track entitled A Pimp Named Slickback. With inspiration from The Boondocks just like her fye EP A Nigga Moment, the track stays true to the mantra of keeping it real with no filter while at the same time spitting real knowledge. I’ve been watching this artist for years and the work just keeps getting better. 

       For this track, Suni called on the pimp protégés Southern Playas’ Clay James &a Messiah Da Rapper as well as introducing some people who may not know to talented artist Gadzooks!. Shot in Greenville, SC by fellow also dope artist/videographer Jamee Cornelia, the visuals are some of my fave for a performance shot. Pay special attention to how the old schools compliment both the accents and outfits of the artists. 

Check out the video below and keep up to date on my faves as they continue to keep it pimpin. 

The Luxury x Miles Stone ft. Messiah Da Rapper

      Two of my favorite players from the Himalayas have teamed up again to bring us another smooth song to ride to this summer. Atlanta’s own Miles Stone has matched up with Doggy Style South’s own Southern Playa Messiah Da Rapper for The Luxury
       Just like the candy paint on many ole schools featured in the video, both of the artists bring a laidback lyrical attack to this track. While their flows are very different, they compliment the summer time in the city vibes that make you want to grab a B and a baddie. Snoop would be so proud. 

Check the video below. The curves are to die for, and not just the ones on the cars. 😁 

Continue to watch out for these dope dudes as they continue their tradition of putting on the South! 

Dick Appointment x Kake 

New sounds from one of my favorite carefree Black girls from the Bay in Cali, the multi-talented artist Kake. In addition to painting vivid pictures on the track, she is also a visual and tattoo artist as well as blessing the mic through both singing and rapping. Where as most female rappers come off as overly masculine or overly sexual, Kake is a refreshing take on what it’s like to be right in the middle. Her style gives you the vibes of an everyday girl with a confident but welcoming persona. From her music you can tell that she has a heart of gold, but is not one to be trifled with. 

The track Dick Appointment is no different. In keeping with the Netflix and chill vibes that our generation has become known for, this track is laid back yet sexy and submissive. It gives you both the softer side of Kake with a smooth and hypnotizing hook then reels your attention in on the verses with both funny and jaw dropping punchlines. Never knowing what you make here next but liking how it sounds is one of my favorite aspects of this artist. Check the track below, and let me know if you use it for your next Dick Appointment. I might. TMI? Okay. 😁

Crew {Remix} x Goldlink ft. Gucci Mane, Brent Faiyaz, & Shy Glizzy 

One of my favorite songs of the spring has officially become even better. In typical new Gucci fashion, the Atlanta emcee joins with D.C. native Goldlink to assist him on this already killer track featuring Shy Glizzy and Brent Faiayaz.

Let’s be real. There are a million and one songs about a groupie girl wanting the whole crew or wanting to be down once she sees the success.  But this one is much different. With the soulfully sung hook and the innovative flow on the verses, it sounded so good when I first head it that it took me a while to realize they were even throwing shade. It embodies an emotion that anybody on the come-up wants to express: stay down, don’t try to get down when you see the come up. I’m glad that one of my fave jams is now a whole minute longer.

The DMV and ATL have always worked so well together and this remix track is no different. Check it out below.

NaS x Sophia 

Soulful, sultry and savage r&b artist Sophia is a special kind of girl. While most of today’s singers are fighting for the diva role, $o dares to differ. The singer/songwriter originally from Nigeria but repping East Atlanta pulls from her origins and gives you real, unaldultered emotions on each song. While most of the genre is full of members of both sex singing about lost love and crooning “woe is me” tunes, Sophia is not bowing to love so quickly. She expresses the emotions that every girl that has loved and lost has felt, but in a new and innovative way. Her voice is airy and ethereal but soulful, lyrically she can be likened to the writing power of Trina or the eff-your-feelings of Rihanna.

The single NaS and the accompanying visual is the greatest introduction to her flavor. Here the West African singer shows her beauty, brains, anddd a baseball bat. To find out what it’s used for, you have to watch below. Let me know what you think! Check out her EP Love $o; The New Classic ; it’s lives up to the name.

Don’t Get Me Wrong x Substance Abuse

“What looms in the background of today’s music scene are people who are fed up with the current state of affairs and want change.” If you’re one of them, check out Background Music: The Redux.

Today as we celebrate the life of Tupac, more heat comes from the west in the form of the L.A. lyrical assassin duo known as Substance Abuse. This terrible twosome consists of Subz and Eso Tre and the group name is a punchline in itself referring to their loyalty to conscious rap. And real rap loves them back, as seen with features from the likes of MF Doom, Saafir, Kool Keith, and the OG himself KRS-One on their track titled Rear View from their critically-acclaimed EP Background Music.

 ‘ “Background Music” refers to the state of hip hop today, explains Eso “where the music seems deracinated of the personality and edge that it once had.”  It also refers to how our music is construed by the masses, people who generally seem to favor the popular over the obscure.  Real hip-hop has been forced to play the “background” to club and dance music that seems devoid of any message or staying power. ‘

At a time where social injustice is flagrant and many musicians stand by silently and watch, I could not be more thrilled to come across a group that not only hold no stops and delivers back to back bars but also addresses many of the problems plaguing our community. The track below, entitled Don’t Get Me Wrong reminds me of the funk-infused beginning of hip hop and I can definitely get jiggy with it. Enjoy the vibes of the track below on your Friday night, maybe take a shot, and get uplifted with a little bit of Substance Abuse.

Vibe Out x Krys$hun w/ Synatra J

“Dayy-umm KrysShunnnn!” It is a drop that you hear one time and become instantly infatuated with. Spacy producer Krys$hun has quickly become a favorite of mine. If you haven’t heard any of his mixes or production for artists such as Casey Veggies, Money Makin Nique or Curtis Williams, I suggest you head over to his Soundcloud  and check them out now. He has a laidback, trippy vibe to most of his music yet is still so versatile I find his mixes perfect for any mood. His new track Vibe Out with the help of Synatra J is no different. Check it out above and let me know what you think below!