Sound Suicide x Aster the GEMini


As we all know, love can be a hell of an emotional rollercoaster. Sometimes heartbreak feels like it can literally be the end of you. For anyone that can identify with that feeling, Aster the Gemini has a song for you.

Sound Suicide is a lyrical work of art that beautifully details the narrative of a man who;’s lost his love and maybe his life. As the story plays out on the track it leaves the listener wondering if it makes it out in one piece. Listen to the track below to find out the fate of the fallen fawner.


Drip On My Walk x Kodie Shane [Official Video]


ATL’s own Kodie Shane provides us with new and improved visuals that showcase her unique swagger in Drip On My Walk. The MC on the rise has been making some noise on the indie Atlanta scene for quite some time due to her unique style, innovative approach to hip hop and colorful personality. This video combines all three in a way that’s instantly captivating and makes you want to hear and see more.

Peep the colorful and creative vid and you’ll see a lot of Lil Yachty, who Kodie was at one point rumored to be possibly boo’d up with. *insert lurkin’ eyes emoji* Although they both shut those rumors down, you can check out the undeniable bond between the two below. You can also catch a glipse of Kodie posted up in front of a building formally known as Department Store a cultural hub for many of New Atlanta’s most buzzworthy new artists for the past several years such as Makonnen, 6lack as well as Kodie herself. Do it for the culture Kodie!

Guilty x TonyGotTheMunchies


Whenever I think of Detroit it’s usually synonomous with being cold. Not too into that. Luckily talented track runner Tony GotTheMunchies brings some real heat from the Motor City with his new single Guilty. This laidback but energetic excerpt [which lasts exactly 3:13, ayyeee] has infectious punchlines and an even more memorable hook.

Produced by Taylor King, the track with its evolving bass lines and airy feel definitely leaves you with the munchies wanting to vibe at to at least one more track…or a couple. Feed your appetite for hiphop by listening to this track below.

Indie x Shaun B


Fresh off the success of Cocaine in the Evening, Shaun B returns with a startling new single ‘Indie.’ The East Atlanta native creates an element that can only be described as a state of euphoria. From the SlowKings production, to the strong pen and vocal range, even down to the Cam Kirk visual concept everything together is nothing less than exceptional. The airy light feel of the music combined with the monster bass on the production give us the best of both worlds on this ridin-round-town worthy track.

Mayretta x B.L.A.C.K. Baron ft. Scotty ATL 

The Norf side of Atlanta hasn’t gotten much love over the years. Everyone bangs east, west, or SOUFSIDE, but until Migos came to be a household name, not many banged for the North Side. B.L.A.C.K. Baron, however, is not one of those people.

On the track Mayretta, Baron introduces us to his neck of the woods in a way that hasn’t been done before. While most people from Atlanta think of Cobb County, specifically Marietta as the suburbs and devoid of the real, he shows us that there are plenty cool cats pushing the culture. While the debate rages on about whether Cobb or Gwinnett is the real north side, Baron surely sets a strong argument for 75N side. For the remx, he leaned with Eastside emcee extraordinaire and No Genre’s own Scotty ATL for some real A Town ish! Check out Mayretta below, and let me know
which north side you’re rocking with!

A Pimp Named Slickback x Suni MF Solomon ft. Clay James, Gadzooks!, &a Messiah Da Rapper 

      Some of my favorite artists on the New Atlanta scene have united to bring us some real OG shit on this track entitled A Pimp Named Slickback. With inspiration from The Boondocks just like her fye EP A Nigga Moment, the track stays true to the mantra of keeping it real with no filter while at the same time spitting real knowledge. I’ve been watching this artist for years and the work just keeps getting better. 

       For this track, Suni called on the pimp protégés Southern Playas’ Clay James &a Messiah Da Rapper as well as introducing some people who may not know to talented artist Gadzooks!. Shot in Greenville, SC by fellow also dope artist/videographer Jamee Cornelia, the visuals are some of my fave for a performance shot. Pay special attention to how the old schools compliment both the accents and outfits of the artists. 

Check out the video below and keep up to date on my faves as they continue to keep it pimpin. 

Don’t Get Me Wrong x Substance Abuse

“What looms in the background of today’s music scene are people who are fed up with the current state of affairs and want change.” If you’re one of them, check out Background Music: The Redux.

Today as we celebrate the life of Tupac, more heat comes from the west in the form of the L.A. lyrical assassin duo known as Substance Abuse. This terrible twosome consists of Subz and Eso Tre and the group name is a punchline in itself referring to their loyalty to conscious rap. And real rap loves them back, as seen with features from the likes of MF Doom, Saafir, Kool Keith, and the OG himself KRS-One on their track titled Rear View from their critically-acclaimed EP Background Music.

 ‘ “Background Music” refers to the state of hip hop today, explains Eso “where the music seems deracinated of the personality and edge that it once had.”  It also refers to how our music is construed by the masses, people who generally seem to favor the popular over the obscure.  Real hip-hop has been forced to play the “background” to club and dance music that seems devoid of any message or staying power. ‘

At a time where social injustice is flagrant and many musicians stand by silently and watch, I could not be more thrilled to come across a group that not only hold no stops and delivers back to back bars but also addresses many of the problems plaguing our community. The track below, entitled Don’t Get Me Wrong reminds me of the funk-infused beginning of hip hop and I can definitely get jiggy with it. Enjoy the vibes of the track below on your Friday night, maybe take a shot, and get uplifted with a little bit of Substance Abuse.

“The Making of Blue Collar” Vlog x Miles Stone

In October, North Carolina emcee, Morehouse student and Southern genteleman Miles Stone will be dropping his much-anticipated mixtape Blue Collar. The mixtape, which features bangers from twerk songs like Over to “rainy day” songs like This Evening to ridin’ songs like Go Hard is set to drop this month. I went behind the scenes to see the process by which such dopeness was created. Check the video out + Keep It Player! Blue Collar is set to drop in early October!! Follow @carinecassell and @iammilesstone for updates!

UP NEXT: Travis Scott


So we’ve all heard the hottest mixtape out right now: Meek Mill’s Dreamchasers 2. Props to Meek Mill and MMG for a quality product.  However one of the most exciting moments on the entire mixtape didn’t come from Meek, Wale or even Rick Ross himself. It was a standout verse from Hip-Hop newcomer and Houston native Travis Scott on “I Get it” that grabbed many people’s attention. If you havent heard this dude, well that’s what we’re here for. Get HIP,  he’s only 19, he’s gaining comparisons to Kanye West and his latest single features T.I. …. Travis Scott is UP NEXT – @CEOcypha