Lonely x Nasaan + JustMario

In a world of songs with starter pack samples, Lonely x Nasaandelivers a sultry ’90s hit in a new and refreshing way. Produced by JoFlame, the track has an R&B feel with a hiphop, down Souf bounce that’s sure to please the ears of both oldheads and cool kids alike.

Nasaan has been making a name for himself on Soundcloud for a grip, and this single is another sure hit for the emerging emcee. With a solid alley oop from JustMario on the hook, the track gives us the best of both worlds. Listen next time you’re feeling a little lonely.


Trill Type x Kinny Summers {Official Video}

   Supreme Vizion Music Group artist Out of Houston by the name of Kinny Summers hits us with some new heat to match the weather. Yall know the love I have for Houston and all things trill and he continues the tradition. He has been staying consistent; his recent EP Mourning Slumber racked up a lot of fans with the diverse project featuring the title single Trill Type with its infectious and radio-ready hook. This is the exact trill type Southern artist influenced PARTYNEXTDOOR and Tory Lanes to have that H Town sound.

       The Trill Type video is one of the most interesting I’ve seen in quite a while. When Kinny comes home to his “girl” in the beginning I assume that it’ll be a typical performance based video. That is, until three or four girls more girls show up in the same apartment throughout the course of the visuals. What happens with all of these girls in the same place at the same time? THAT you have to watch the video to see and be on the edge of your seat like I was. Check it out below and be on the lookout for Kinny’s new project #ISMSTM dropping on all platforms on 7-14-17!

Pussy Boy x Mz. Daisy {Official Video} 

The surprising girl power anthem of the summer comes in the form of what would appear to the naked eye to be a diss track. Emcee Mz. Daisy is a literally and metaphorically colorful artist who has been putting in work on the indie Atlanta scene for quite some time. Along with hoping to spread positive vibes and good times to all she encounters, she also holds no stops when it comes to keeping it real. This shows in the video for Pussy Boy. 

     Shot in the Old Fourth Ward, one of the most flourishing creative hubs in the city, Mz. Daisy and her prismatic posse chill out as she puts you on about the type of men she refuses to let in her aura. While the title can sound like a negative track about men, it’s definitely a track that lists all the signs of a fuckboy without slandering the real ones. She confronts topics like ignorance and over-sexualization as turn offs. This was something I could definitely relate to and I think many lady listeners will as well. Check out the rad rainbow visuals below! 

Pull Up x Maui Max {Official Video} 

Maui Max at Artlanta Gallery

New super fye visuals from Maui Max, a charismatic and captivating artist to watch. There aren’t many artists I’ve seen turn up a venue like this guy here. Not only does he have an energetic performance that literally leaves you no choice but to vibe with him, but he also comes equipped lyrically. Every verse has at least 16 shots. 

In the Pull Up video, Maui Max gives yet another high energy performance. During the video, he literally breaks out of a straight jacket and escapes the place that is confining him. The symbolism was dope for me, and for anyone else who is chasing a dream. It definitely goes along with my mantra of breaking free from any and all chains that hold us back, so this will be I frequent on my HYPE playlists and you should do the same. Check out the Pull Up video below!

The Luxury x Miles Stone ft. Messiah Da Rapper

      Two of my favorite players from the Himalayas have teamed up again to bring us another smooth song to ride to this summer. Atlanta’s own Miles Stone has matched up with Doggy Style South’s own Southern Playa Messiah Da Rapper for The Luxury
       Just like the candy paint on many ole schools featured in the video, both of the artists bring a laidback lyrical attack to this track. While their flows are very different, they compliment the summer time in the city vibes that make you want to grab a B and a baddie. Snoop would be so proud. 

Check the video below. The curves are to die for, and not just the ones on the cars. 😁 

Continue to watch out for these dope dudes as they continue their tradition of putting on the South! 

Crew {Remix} x Goldlink ft. Gucci Mane, Brent Faiyaz, & Shy Glizzy 

One of my favorite songs of the spring has officially become even better. In typical new Gucci fashion, the Atlanta emcee joins with D.C. native Goldlink to assist him on this already killer track featuring Shy Glizzy and Brent Faiayaz.

Let’s be real. There are a million and one songs about a groupie girl wanting the whole crew or wanting to be down once she sees the success.  But this one is much different. With the soulfully sung hook and the innovative flow on the verses, it sounded so good when I first head it that it took me a while to realize they were even throwing shade. It embodies an emotion that anybody on the come-up wants to express: stay down, don’t try to get down when you see the come up. I’m glad that one of my fave jams is now a whole minute longer.

The DMV and ATL have always worked so well together and this remix track is no different. Check it out below.

5 AM in Toronto X Drake


The internet is abuzz saying that Drake is back. Here at CarineCassell we think he never left. The bars have always been sharp and this latest leak “5 AM in Toronto” is no exception. The relentless spit game is refreshing. Thank us later ->

King Wizard x Kid Cudi


2012 has been an AMAZING year for music. In addition to Cruel Summer dropping last month, Kid Cudi is dropping yet another album Indicud this year. King Wizard is the first single from the upcoming album, produced by the WZRD himself. Chill, but certified dope ish. Check it out!!

Multiply x CEO Cypha x Tyee Con


New music from NY born but GA bred rapper and entrepeneur  CEO Cypha ft. Tyee Con. Look out for his mixtape Guilty America, which is set to be released July 13! MULTIPLY VIDEO COMING SOON! 🙂