Flourish [Playlist]

This playlist is dedicated to rebirth, reinvention, rejuvenation, and all-around good vibes. Time for you to flourish. Stream on your platform of choice below! Apple Music | Spotify | Soundcloud | Tidal | YouTube

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Trap Talk with T.I.

Last week, I was ever so elated to sit down with Urban Legend, entrepreneur, actor, father, husband, and trap music pioneer T.I. Check out our full interview!

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Fortunate x Ro Akin

You may have seen his face around town at an art exhibit, but Atlanta emcee Ro Akin's similes may be even more memorable than his silhouette.

Wish x Lillian Aleece

Have you ever wished you never met a MF? Singer Lillian Aleece has the perfect soundtrack for all your contemplating and ex-hating moments.

Rear View Mirror x Gab [Audio]

Hindsight is 20/20, right? Well, it doesn't take a look back to see that this track from indie artist Gab is something special to hold.

4LO+4HO:Valentine’s Playlist[s]

Happy Valentine's Day! Whether you're a lover or a hater, I got something for you for Valentine's Day. My Venus is in Gemini, so I followed my true nature and made TWO playlists for your enjoyment on this day of love (or lack therof). For Lovers Only is a self-proclaimed sextape you can use if... Continue Reading →

Restless x Soul10 [Official Music Video]

Looking for a track that you can listen to when you're feeling on top of the world with your day ones, or when you're low and need rest, but feeling..restless? Look no further than this smooth track from Cali artist Soul10.

blunt x Noleac Yahsin [audio]

If I could compare the song to anything, it would be to akin to taking a shot or a hit of sativa. Straight to the point and lyrically poignant but potent with a quality that makes you slow down and enjoy the beauty of the experience.

Exposé x 2Sum [audio]

It's not often that an emcee is gifted in both battle rap and putting together a solid project that has replay value. Louisiana artist 2Sum, however, does not have that problem.

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