[FILM] A Wesley Christmas – ATL Premiere

Pictured left to right: Terayle Hill, Rolonda Rochelle, Sydney Mitchell, T.C. Carson, screenwriter Bree West, Chuck West and Dorien Wilson.

Are you looking for a new Black family film to add to your holiday collection?

Written by Black female filmmaker Bree West and executive produced alongside her husband Chuck West, A Wesley Christmas has all the familiar parts of holiday family gatherings – food, drinks (for some more than others), love, bonding, lots of laughs; and, of course, a little drama. You’ll instantly recognize a member of your only family or friends in the movie and appreciate the authenticity from the jump.

Watch as the cast opens up on the inspiration behind the film, how they landed their roles, what it was like to work together, and more!

A Wesley Christmas is streaming now on BET+ and coming to BET Her on November 23, 2022. Watch it with your loved ones!


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