Exposé x 2Sum [audio]

It’s not often that an emcee is gifted in both battle rap and putting together a solid project that has replay value. Louisiana artist 2Sum, however, does not have that problem. After making a name for himself throughout the battle rap scene in the South, most recently in his battle vs Pace.maker, he dropped a solid project with 2022’s Harem.

Exposé is a track that is as worthy of vibes as it is a chuckle at its’ clever punch lines. 2Sum shows that he is a man evolving, while still not being above putting an opp in his place with lines, like “If you the one that she been ****in when she horny, then I don’t want that juju to rub on me.” I 100% support a spiritual zinger. You’ll hear a familiar hint of the Southern twang that we all love from LA state artists along with a smooth guitar riff that lefts the vocals and lyrics thrive. Check out the track below!

Let me know your thoughts after you listen to this track, and select your streaming service below to listen to Harem below!

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